[Adelaide D365 User Group] Azure Bot Framework – June 28th


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Have you heard of DRU Assist from Domino’s, where you can order your pizza with an emoji via SMS? Or you may even use the ABC News Bot through Facebook to get your daily news digest. Bots are even making micro-trades on the stock market whilst we’re all fast asleep, scary right?

Bots are not new, but they are becoming more powerful, pervasive and acceptable in today’s society as a way to get answers, access information, buy goods and book services.

Join us at the June Dynamics 365 User Group where Sam Fernando will step us through the basics of the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework. More importantly, we’ll show how to connect the bot back into Dynamics for try end-to-end digital services.

Please register here so we know numbers and can place our order via the Funk CoffeeBot (we wish!).


Connected Field Services – May Dynamics 365 ADELAIDE User Group

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Imagine you run a café and one of your coffee machines is about to fail, but you have no idea. You get a call from your supplier who monitors the machines and informs you that not only is the machine at risk of imminent failure, but has been performing below-par for a few days. They offer to service the machine and you’re able to schedule a service call on the spot, within a 2 hour window of your choosing. A day before, you receive an SMS reminding you of the service call. On the day, you receive another SMS when the technician is on their way. On arrival, the technician has all the details and spare parts they need, performs the service quickly and even has time to demonstrate optimal configuration of the machine to prolong its life. You electronically sign off the work, and receive an invoice via email by COB that day.

This story describes Connected Field Services; a world where IoT sensors, cloud, big data, predictive analytics, CRM and mobile come together to create amazing customer experiences.

Please join us at the May Dynamics 365 User Group where Mark Giles from Empired will demo connected field services. And he’ll even test is relationship with the ‘demo gods’ by showing something live.

Please click here to register and we hope to see you there.

MB2-715 customer engagement Online Deployment study tips by 365lyf (Andrew Ly)

Today’s blog is about preparation tips for the MB2-715 customer engagement Online Deployment certification exam.  I wanted to share my thoughts and study preparation tips with you as I know at this time many of you are looking to attain your MCSA or MCSE:BA Dynamics 365 badge for which this exam is a mandatory requirement.

I provide this information with no warranties of course, and nothing within this blog post will contain questions or answers so as to not violate our NDA with Microsoft.

So here we go..

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How to Use Dynamics Optionset Labels within PowerBI


One of the current limitations of using PowerBI with Dynamics 365, is that it will not automatically map your OptionSet values with labels. For example if you have defined OptionSet values for Gender as 1 = Male, 2 = Female within PowerBI visualisations this would appear as 1 and 2 rather than Male and Female. Thankfully Gap Consulting have created a nice XrmToolBox plugin called the “PowerBI Option-Set Assistant” to work around this limitation.

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