The CRM Technical Interview – Tips for the Interviewer

The Technical Interview is probably the hardest to get right, even for the most seasoned interviewer. I’ve been through the process on both sides probably a hundred times, and it’s only starting to make sense to me now.  Whether it’s for a new business analyst, or the focus of this blog, a CRM developer, there’s definitely some tips to be had when it comes to conducting a successful interview and finding that star developer.

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Creating new Voice of the Customer Surveys in CRM 2016

In a competitive market, customers continually judge us on service quality, timeliness of response, and resolution times. How do we meet these challenges as an organisation? One such method is through surveys and questionaires. Voice of the Customer is a new CRM 2016 feature that was created to do exactly that – with Voice of the Customer we can easily setup surveys, distribute them to contacts via workflows, and capture responses.

In this blog I will show you how to setup and configure personalized surveys with the new ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution.

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How to Add Postal Tracking to an Order Form

If you happen to be using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales, specifically the managing of the ordering process, you know very well that the process doesn’t stop when your product has been ordered.  The next natural step is to send the product out, whether via local Postal or preferred Courier Service.

This blog entry is about how you can add Postal Tracking to your Order Form.

Pictured below is an example I have created using Australia Post as our postal provider, but you can substitute this with any postal service that has their own tracking page.

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