Adelaide D365 User Group (Sep 2017): Your Talent is Everything, Manage Them Well!


Did you know that 70% of Australia’s GDP comes from the Services industry? But scarily in Australia, 23% of employees leave a job within the first 12 months. And many reports show that the average cost of employee turnover is equivalent to a year’s wage. So it goes without saying that Employees are our most valuable asset, and managing them well is critical to your organisation’s success, your quality of service, and our countries future.

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Dynamics 365 for Talent – General Availability!

In case you missed the announcement last night, Dynamics 365 for Talent has now entered General Availability.  60 Day trials are now available to the general public.  And the forums have been going hot with new ideas to improve the product going forward, so hopefully we’ll have an Update 1 release in the not too distant future.

Here’s the MSFT press release:

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is Here! First Impressions

Microsoft recently released the Technical Preview of Microsoft Dynamics for Talent, and I had the opportunity to test drive this new offering in trying to understand what it is all about. And the short version of this blog, is that I am impressed how they’ve brought so many HR functions together into one simple solution.

So what is Dynamics 365 for Talent?

Dynamics 365 for Talent aims to be an Employee Centric solution that takes your common HR functions and brings them together in a meaningful way to both your managers, HR staff and your prospective and current employees.

The solution can be thought of as three separate workloads (or experiences). They are at a high level:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Attract
  3.       Onboard

Let’s have a closer look at each experience and what it offers.

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