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Microsoft Business Applications MVP, based out of Adelaide Australia.

Introducing the Customer Data Type

In the real world, our customers are either individuals or a group of individuals such as a company. However Microsoft has always made a distinction when it comes to how we organise our data models especially with custom entities – you’re either one or the other, requiring separate lookups for each. Not anymore! One of the neatest new features of CRM Online 2016 Update 1 (CRM 2016 SP1 for On-Premise) is the introduction of a new Attribute Data Type called “Customer”.

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Microsoft Flow and Dynamics CRM

Work less, do more – that’s the catch phrase of Microsoft’s latest automation and workflow engine called Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Flow is currently in preview phase and still has a few bugs to iron out, but if you are familiar with IFTTT (If This Then That) workflow engine then using flow should come naturally to you. Essentially there are connectors to various web services (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and so forth), and you can even program your own connectors.

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How to use Cortana to CRM App Preview in Australia

Ever since the announcement of Cortana support for Dynamics CRM phone app, I’ve been excited in learning more. The only problem is that this preview feature is currently only available to the North American market and not Australia. Never fear, there’s always a solution.

Here’s how to test the new Cortana to CRM integration with any Windows Phone device in Australia.

C:\Users\Andrew\OneDrive\SMSMT_Work\_CRM Practice\_2015-2016\Blogs\Apr2016_Screenshots\Untitled-1.png

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Be More Productive with Dynamics CRM with These Time Saving Tips! 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has come a long way in terms of usability. As a consultant, I really appreciate the small tweaks to the user interface that have developed right from early versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM through to now. With each new release brings many new features; so many in fact that it’s often the small tweaks that often go unnoticed by the community.

This multi part blog series, will focus on very simple but effective time saving tricks that are available to you within Dynamics CRM.

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The CRM Technical Interview – Tips for the Interviewer

The Technical Interview is probably the hardest to get right, even for the most seasoned interviewer. I’ve been through the process on both sides probably a hundred times, and it’s only starting to make sense to me now.  Whether it’s for a new business analyst, or the focus of this blog, a CRM developer, there’s definitely some tips to be had when it comes to conducting a successful interview and finding that star developer.

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