How to Use Dynamics Optionset Labels within PowerBI


One of the current limitations of using PowerBI with Dynamics 365, is that it will not automatically map your OptionSet values with labels. For example if you have defined OptionSet values for Gender as 1 = Male, 2 = Female within PowerBI visualisations this would appear as 1 and 2 rather than Male and Female. Thankfully Gap Consulting have created a nice XrmToolBox plugin called the “PowerBI Option-Set Assistant” to work around this limitation.

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Embed PowerBI Reports into Microsoft Portal

Microsoft make it incredibly easy to create and share content, including content from PowerBI onto other platforms. PowerBI is a powerful business analytics service that comes with a host of features to present data and visualisations to all your stakeholders, both inside your network and in this case outside your network. Today we will be looking at the Publish to Web feature within PowerBI.

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How to Recover your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal if it Fails

As you may have been aware, Microsoft acquired ADX Studios in September 2016, and since then has been actively transitioning to a subscription based on-demand service hosted within Office 365. Previously with Enterprise ADX Studios you had full control over the environment, including restarts, deployments, and so on. With the Office 365 hosted Microsoft Portals (aka ADX Studio Portals), you must now use the Applications management console within the Dynamics 365 Admin Centre. Sometimes your application may do what you want, but other times when you encounter errors you may need to jump start the portal again. Here’s a few tips on how to revive a fallen Microsoft Portal instance yourself before you open a MS Support Ticket.

Let’s start with the easiest and safest route first.

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