Campaign Monitor is a marketing automation service, that aims to streamline your communications to customers. Today we look at how we can integrate Campaign Monitor into Dynamics 365. We will be using the Campaign Monitor supplied plugin.

Firstly sign up for an account at Campaign Monitor if you haven’t already done so.

Next download the Dynamics Plugin from Github to a folder on your desktop.

Next within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance, goto Settings > Solutions > Import.

Browse to the Managed Solution that you just downloaded and import it.

Click the CampaignMonitor solution package you just imported.

Wait for the screen to finish loading and you will see an option to “Connect”.

Click Connect, and provide your Campaign Monitor credentials then login.

It will then ask for you to type your CRM domain url, type the domain within the Verify box and then click on “Allow Access” .

Wait for your Settings to be imported into Dynamics 365.

Choose a Campaign Monitor List to sync with (you may choose to create a new list) and then click Save & Sync.

When you next log into Campaign Monitor you should see your marketing list from Dynamics synchronized to Campaign Monitor and you can continue with your marketing activities.


I hope that you have found this blog informative. If you have any suggestions or any tricky Dynamics issues you think should be included in future blogs, please drop me a message below.