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How Microsoft Dynamics helped transform this Water Utility Company

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients and projects over the years, but one stand out client in my career would be SA Water.  A South Australian Water Utility company, responsible for delivering water services to some 1.5 million people who live in the state of South Australia as well as businesses.

SA Water had a long term vision of what they wanted to do, being slightly behind other utilities in terms of electronic billing and customer centric design, SA Water digital transformation team had a clear approach and roadmap that would enable them to leap frog other utilities by strategically betting on future technologies.  Bots, Field Service Management are prime examples.

The technology stack, centered around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (presently being upgraded to Dynamics 365) that would enable customer centric and relationship management features.  Together with an ADX Studio Portal to deliver online services.  The process and analysis was performed through a Human Centred Design (HCD) approach, that emphasized with their customers by understanding their frustrations and wishes.

And with that, a project was born to launch the mySAWater Portal that would set the bed rock foundation for future transformative projects at the utility.

Toby Evans, SA Water’s Digital Transformation Manager, presented the mySAWater solution and talks more in-depth about the vision, roadmap, technology, and what considerations were made during the time.  Here’s the full presentation.



“Seeing AI” – Dynamics 365 User Group (Adelaide, Australia Chapter) – Nov 2017

Dynamics 365 User Group (Adelaide, Australia Chapter) – Marcus D’Assumpcao from Microsoft introduces the audience to Seeing AI.   Seeing AI is an app developed by Microsoft to aimed at helping the visually impaired to recognise objects and their surroundings through the help of Microsoft AI technology.

For more information and to download the app visit :


Adelaide Dynamics 365 User Group – Join us tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow at the D365UG where Sam Fernando (ASG) will present on how Azure logic apps and Microsoft Flow can empower you to get more work done!

Also nothing’s better than hearing it from the customers.  This month we are also hosting a ‘Customer Voice’ session. Toby Evan’s from SA Water will present on newly launched ‘mySAWater – Customer self-help portal’.

He will also share his experience on the journey and how Dynamics CRM helped and transformed SA Water to become more customer centric.“



Adelaide D365 User Group (Sep 2017): Your Talent is Everything, Manage Them Well!

Did you know that 70% of Australia’s GDP comes from the Services industry? But scarily in Australia, 23% of employees leave a job within the first 12 months. And many reports show that the average cost of employee turnover is equivalent to a year’s wage. So it goes without saying that Employees are our most valuable asset, and managing them well is critical to your organisation’s success, your quality of service, and our countries future.

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Adelaide Dynamics 365 User Group – Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing is being used all around you, and you probably don’t even know it. Facebook is listening to your conversations and showing you advertisements based on the words you use and the emotions you show. Facebook auto-tags people in photos based on facial recognition. Call centres are recording conversations and determining sentiment en-mass (ideally to provide you a better service  ). Casinos are watching you walk in and matching you against criminal databases.

Microsoft is investing heavily in this space also:

”Microsoft Cognitive Services let you build apps with powerful algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret our needs using natural methods of communication, with just a few lines of code. Easily add intelligent features, such as emotion and sentiment detection, vision and speech recognition, language understanding, knowledge and search, into your app, across devices and platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows, keep improving and are easy to set up.”

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[July Dynamics 365 User Group Adelaide] – Adobe & Microsoft – Shared Vision for the Enterprise

Hi All

By now you’ve probably heard that Adobe and Microsoft have come together to form a partnership that promises to accelerate digital transformation. The partnership includes the integration of Adobe Marketing Cloud with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, and will allow brands to deliver experiences taking all customer engagements into account – from reach and acquisition to retention and loyalty.

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[Adelaide D365 User Group] Azure Bot Framework – June 28th

Hi All

Have you heard of DRU Assist from Domino’s, where you can order your pizza with an emoji via SMS? Or you may even use the ABC News Bot through Facebook to get your daily news digest. Bots are even making micro-trades on the stock market whilst we’re all fast asleep, scary right?

Bots are not new, but they are becoming more powerful, pervasive and acceptable in today’s society as a way to get answers, access information, buy goods and book services.

Join us at the June Dynamics 365 User Group where Sam Fernando will step us through the basics of the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework. More importantly, we’ll show how to connect the bot back into Dynamics for try end-to-end digital services.

Please register here so we know numbers and can place our order via the Funk CoffeeBot (we wish!).


Connected Field Services – May Dynamics 365 ADELAIDE User Group

Hi There

Imagine you run a café and one of your coffee machines is about to fail, but you have no idea. You get a call from your supplier who monitors the machines and informs you that not only is the machine at risk of imminent failure, but has been performing below-par for a few days. They offer to service the machine and you’re able to schedule a service call on the spot, within a 2 hour window of your choosing. A day before, you receive an SMS reminding you of the service call. On the day, you receive another SMS when the technician is on their way. On arrival, the technician has all the details and spare parts they need, performs the service quickly and even has time to demonstrate optimal configuration of the machine to prolong its life. You electronically sign off the work, and receive an invoice via email by COB that day.

This story describes Connected Field Services; a world where IoT sensors, cloud, big data, predictive analytics, CRM and mobile come together to create amazing customer experiences.

Please join us at the May Dynamics 365 User Group where Mark Giles from Empired will demo connected field services. And he’ll even test is relationship with the ‘demo gods’ by showing something live.

Please click here to register and we hope to see you there.

D365 User Group – April 26th – CRM Portals

Hi All

Digital engagement is facilitated by integrating your online presence with your back-end systems. This is sometimes only achieved through building complex and costly integrations and API’s. But what if your website or portal was natively integrated with Dynamics 365? What if the hard work was done for you?

Well, that’s what Dynamics 365 Portals is – an integrated portal platform that plugs directly into Dynamics 365 to facilitate digital engagement with your customers, partners, suppliers and even employees.

This month’s User Group will provide an introduction to Dynamics 365 Portals, and show you just how easy it is to get started quickly on this incredibly versatile platform.

Please register via the following link:

We hope to see you there!

[Dynamics 365 UG March 23 Thurs] – Common Mistakes to Avoid when Implementing Dynamics Projects

Hi All

Registration is now open for the second Dynamics 365/CRM User Group for the year, this month will be on Common Mistakes to Avoid when Implementing Dynamics Projects jointly presented by Jeremy O’Donohue and Andrew Ly of SMS Management & Technology.

Ever wonder why your project is not progressing as well as it should be? Or why user adoption of your new solution is less than extraordinary? Are we stuck in a traditional devops mindset when it comes to building CRM solutions? We’ll explore these questions and more in the March Dynamics 365 user group, with lessons learnt and some Microsoft best-practices for implementing Dynamics projects.

Be quick though, seats filling fast. Please register your attendance here.


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