Hi All

By now you’ve probably heard that Adobe and Microsoft have come together to form a partnership that promises to accelerate digital transformation. The partnership includes the integration of Adobe Marketing Cloud with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, and will allow brands to deliver experiences taking all customer engagements into account – from reach and acquisition to retention and loyalty.

This partnership promises to deliver the following:

  • Bridge the worlds of the CMO and the CIO, by bringing content and data together in one end-to-end platform
  • Create a unified global platform for customer engagement and experiences across sales, service and marketing
  • Help organisations embrace digital and deliver compelling personalised experiences through every phase of the customer relationship

So what does this really mean?

Beyond the hype, we’re all keen to understand what this partnership means, and what the roadmap holds for this intriguing alliance between two of the world’s software giants. Tim Hussey, Solution Specialist from Adobe is our guest presenter and will take us through the partnership in detail and answer any questions our curious audience has.

When and Where?

The meetup will be held on Wed July 26. Please make sure you register here so we know how many will attend.

This could be our biggest event yet. We already have 19 registrations, 3 weeks out from the event. Don’t miss out!