Connectors form the core of Microsoft Flow.  Connectors allow your workflows to span across different systems.  This means that you can quickly build business processes that span across all your systems allowing you to further automate your work.

Microsoft has, as of August 2018, 213 connectors, most are available with the free version of Flow, and some only available with Flow Plan 1 and Flow Plan 2.  These are known as Premium connectors.


Premium connectors are of course supported by Microsoft, so they will work straight out the box, and allow you to integrate with your other external business applications such as Salesforce, Docusign, Survey Monkey, GotoMeeting and so on.  In fact the list of Premium connectors has grown significantly with the current August 2018 count of 66 Premium Connectors.

Here’s a list of all the Premium Connectors that are currently available:

Microsoft Flow Premium Connectors

If you have an idea for a new Flow connector, make sure you let the team at Microsoft know about them on the Flow Ideas site: