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Enterprise CMSs to keep an eye on, and do they play nice with Dynamics 365?


Enterprise content management systems have certainly come a long way, with the lines between social, marketing and traditional online engagement platforms becoming more and more blurred.

Content management systems themselves have become more like a CRM and CRMs have become more like Content Management Systems.

Modern content management systems, are now more than ever being flexibly deployed as a CaaS (Content as a Service), have rich marketing automation functionality, in-built customer relationship management, workflow, invoicing, order and often inventory management – actually I’m not sure if you can even refer to them as just content management systems.

And at the same time CRM’s such as Dynamics 365, are no longer just about ERP or Customer Relationship Management, they promise to completely transform your back office through field servicing, artificial intelligence, resource management, and of course their old stomping ground of sales and service management.

Why don’t we have one solution that encompasses the best of both worlds you may ask? The reality for many enterprise organisations is that no two deployment scenarios will be identical. CRMs and CMSs are as diverse as business needs.

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals does a pretty good job as a SME or a point-solution, it was never intended to replace a full enterprise CMS.

So that leaves us with a best of breed architecture for enterprise. A powerful CRM platform, matched with a suitably powered ECMS. And with two platforms, we now have an integration problem that needs to be resolved. So firstly …

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What it’s like working as a Pre-Sales Solutions Architect

It’s been a while since I wrote a professional development post and I’ve been somewhat inspired by the MVP Summit to blog about my personal experiences.  So here we go:

What it’s like working as a Pre-Sales Solutions Architect?

First off, a Pre-Sales Solutions Architect is involved in vetting opportunities, establishing the technology architecture in which the commercials are based upon, and presenting the solution to internal stakeholders and customers.  Good pre-sales architects work in a team and have excellent contacts both internally and with their partner vendors.  Yes it can be very process driven, and there’s a lot commercially riding on a proposal but it’s what keeps the steam engine rolling in an organisation and it does have its own satisfaction if done correctly.  So listen on if you’re still intrigued.

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“Seeing AI” – Dynamics 365 User Group (Adelaide, Australia Chapter) – Nov 2017

Dynamics 365 User Group (Adelaide, Australia Chapter) – Marcus D’Assumpcao from Microsoft introduces the audience to Seeing AI.   Seeing AI is an app developed by Microsoft to aimed at helping the visually impaired to recognise objects and their surroundings through the help of Microsoft AI technology.

For more information and to download the app visit : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/seeing-ai/


MB2-715 customer engagement Online Deployment study tips by 365lyf (Andrew Ly)

Today’s blog is about preparation tips for the MB2-715 customer engagement Online Deployment certification exam.  I wanted to share my thoughts and study preparation tips with you as I know at this time many of you are looking to attain your MCSA or MCSE:BA Dynamics 365 badge for which this exam is a mandatory requirement.

I provide this information with no warranties of course, and nothing within this blog post will contain questions or answers so as to not violate our NDA with Microsoft.

So here we go..

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The CRM Technical Interview – Tips for the Interviewer

The Technical Interview is probably the hardest to get right, even for the most seasoned interviewer. I’ve been through the process on both sides probably a hundred times, and it’s only starting to make sense to me now.  Whether it’s for a new business analyst, or the focus of this blog, a CRM developer, there’s definitely some tips to be had when it comes to conducting a successful interview and finding that star developer.

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