jsPDF is a handy library to generate PDF documents from text. There are a number of simple to advanced features of this library, that include formatting (fonts, margins, paper sizes, etc) through to compression as well as password encryption options.

Animation – jsPDF PCF Component

Initially I thought that jsPDF could be a great option to extend portals by allowing customers to quickly generate a bill (on the fly) whilst reducing storage costs by not keeping historical invoices, but then I discovered that the jsPDF framework is capable of a lot more. I recommend that you read through the jsPDF documentation when you have a moment (https://artskydj.github.io/jsPDF/docs/jsPDF.html), as mentioned earlier there are many many options available in jsPDF.

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to create a simple PCF implementation of jsPDF, which we’ll bind to a text field and trigger the generation of the PDF document from a button.

Source code: