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Extending the Patient Clinical Timeline on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

The Patient Clinical Timeline enables care managers to track key clinical information such as conditions, episodes of care, procedures, or medications by providing an at-a-glance view via the calendar control.

It also enables the quick creation of events via the control.

One of the key advantages of this control is the ability to extend it to custom tables within your solution.

In this article, we will explain the basics of the configuration of the patient clinical timeline and how to format your configuration schema file properly.

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jsPDF PCF Implementation Walkthrough

jsPDF is a handy library to generate PDF documents from text. There are a number of simple to advanced features of this library, that include formatting (fonts, margins, paper sizes, etc) through to compression as well as password encryption options.

Animation – jsPDF PCF Component

Initially I thought that jsPDF could be a great option to extend portals by allowing customers to quickly generate a bill (on the fly) whilst reducing storage costs by not keeping historical invoices, but then I discovered that the jsPDF framework is capable of a lot more. I recommend that you read through the jsPDF documentation when you have a moment (https://artskydj.github.io/jsPDF/docs/jsPDF.html), as mentioned earlier there are many many options available in jsPDF.

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to create a simple PCF implementation of jsPDF, which we’ll bind to a text field and trigger the generation of the PDF document from a button.

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First look at PCF on Portals

Over the past year we have seen the Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) evolve into a robust development framework for end user experiences.

Today the evolution continues with the official PCF support on Microsoft Portals with the Public Preview. I will be providing a first look at the upcoming PCF on Portals in this article and showing how you can get started with a quick start tutorial.

PCF Controls on Portals
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