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Figma UI Kit for Microsoft Power Apps Walkthrough

Microsoft released support for Figma design files in 2022 and allows you to create Power App screens (both tablet and mobile) with pre-defined Power App controls (e.g. Scrollable sections, labels, controls, colours, etc).

Today I’ll do a quick run-through demonstrating how you can quickly create Power App screens using the toolkit and how to import into your Power Apps environment .

Power Platform 2021 H1 – 6 Announcements You Should Know About

I hope everyone in the community is staying safe and their families are well. 2021 has been a year of many stops and starts, but one thing that keeps moving forward is the evolution of the Microsoft Power Platform. As we approach the midpoint of the year, I feel as though now is a good time to reflect upon the announcements made at both the Microsoft Business Applications Summit (MBAS) and Microsoft Build.

In this blog, I will quickly cover the top 6 features announced so far this year that will change the way you implement and use the Power Platform.

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How to Create Buttons with Icons within PCF (using Font-Awesome)

I’ve noticed that people in the PowerApps community have been having trouble using image resources within their custom PCF controls, so I thought I would look at a simple but novel approach for customizing your buttons and icons.

If you aren’t familiar with font-awesome they let you search from a catalog of great looking icons that you embed within your web apps.

In the following example, I created three buttons which have their own font-awesome icons. This was achieved by doing two things

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