In a competitive market, customers continually judge us on service quality, timeliness of response, and resolution times. How do we meet these challenges as an organisation? One such method is through surveys and questionaires. Voice of the Customer is a new CRM 2016 feature that was created to do exactly that – with Voice of the Customer we can easily setup surveys, distribute them to contacts via workflows, and capture responses.

In this blog I will show you how to setup and configure personalized surveys with the new ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution.

Step one: Log into the Office 365 Admin Control Panel

Step two: Install Voice of the Customer Solution

Navigate to the ‘CRM Online Administration Center’ and click on Solutions.

Highlight the ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution and click Install

Accept the Terms of Service by clicking Install.

Wait for the solution to be installed into your CRM instance.

Once installed it should show a status of “Installed”.

Step Three: Enabling Voice of the Customer Solution

Log onto your Dynamics CRM instance. Navigate to Solution Manager, and click on the newly installed ‘Voice of the Customer Solution’. Click on the Configuration page, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Enable Voice of the Customer Solution.

Step Four: Configure Voice of the Customer

After successful installation of the Voice of the Customer solution, a number of new navigation menu items would have been created.

A default configuration record would have also been created. You can view and modify the configuration form from a new Settings menu called Voice of Customer Configuration.

This record has parameters for customising your VoC configuration. In this demonstration, I left them as is.

Step Four: Create a new Voice of the Customer Theme

Within the Voice of the Customer main navigation menu item, there is a new entity called Themes. From here you can specify the colour scheme for your survey. The following is the default theme which I was quite satisfied with for the purpose of this demonstration.

Create a Survey Template

Survey templates allow you to apply themes, behaviour controls, as well and question/response configurations.

Open the Default Survey Template and modify the main form as required.

Next switch to the Designer form. Tailor the Welcome page to reflect the message you would like your recipients to see upon first opening the survey.

Continue to Page 1 and add your questions via the drag-and-drop editor. Hint: You can double click on questions on the form for more editing options.

Next click Publish

Step Five: The Survey Dashboard

A third form is created for each survey template, that is the Dashboard form, which displays statistical information about your survey responses.

Step 6: Sending Out Surveys

A new custom activity has been created called Survey Activity. Navigate to an Account or a Contact record, and add a new Survey Activity.

Fill out the mandatory fields as well as any other additional settings and click Save.

A workflow will then create an ‘Invitation link’. Hint: You can automate this process through a Workflow process (e.g. upon Close of a Case).

Step Seven: Test your Survey

By clicking on the invitation link above, the client browser will be directed to the Voice of the Customer survey.

Test that it works by submitting a response.

Navigate to the Survey Responses entity within Dynamics CRM and you should see your survey response appear. Hint: Responses are retrieved on a scheduled basis, if it does not automatically appear you can trigger retrieval automatically or in my case I waited five minutes.

And there you have it, how to quickly create customized surveys to send to your customers. There are many other options which I have not covered in this brief blog but once you have created your first survey it should not take very long to understand what each of the options does. I wish you all your best with it, and if you have any comments/questions/feedback for me please do leave it in the comments section below.