Microsoft make it incredibly easy to create and share content, including content from PowerBI onto other platforms. PowerBI is a powerful business analytics service that comes with a host of features to present data and visualisations to all your stakeholders, both inside your network and in this case outside your network. Today we will be looking at the Publish to Web feature within PowerBI.

You can use Publish to Web to display your report on a public webpage, and today I will walk you through how you can include it into your Microsoft Portal site. These steps will work as easily for a custom build app, or a pc based application that accepts embedded html iframes.

First before you begin, you’ll need to have a PowerBI Report setup ready to be exposed to the web. As well as administrative or editorial access to a website which will allow you to make changes to its html source code.

Once you’re set, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Power BI
  2. Click on File > Publish to Web
  3. Click Create Embed Code
  4. Copy the Embed Code
  5. Open your MS Portal and log in as an Administrator
  6. Edit your page and click on the source button
  7. Paste your embed code within the source window and click OK.
  8. Click Save, and you’re done.

Once you’ve saved the embed code to your webpage in the final step, the next time a user logs into your site and navigates to that page the webpage should be rendered like this:

I hope today’s blog was informative for you, please do reshare on your networks if you liked this blog, or drop me a comment if you have any questions at all. Until then happy D365’ing!