How to Add Postal Tracking to an Order Form

If you happen to be using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales, specifically the managing of the ordering process, you know very well that the process doesn’t stop when your product has been ordered.  The next natural step is to send the product out, whether via local Postal or preferred Courier Service.

This blog entry is about how you can add Postal Tracking to your Order Form.

Pictured below is an example I have created using Australia Post as our postal provider, but you can substitute this with any postal service that has their own tracking page.


Here we see two attributes.  The “Tracking Number” attribute and our calculated attribute “Tracking URL”.  The Tracking URL is a clickable hyperlink
which opens to the Postal Service’s tracking web page.

Pretty simple stuff right?  Here’s how it’s done.

Steps for Adding Postal Tracking to Order Form

Step 1.  Create the Australia Post Tracking Number attribute.

Display Name: Australia Post Tracking Number
Name: new_australiaposttrackingnumber
Data Type: Single Line of Text
Field Type: Simple
Format: Text
Maximum Length: 100

Step 2: Add this Tracking Number attribute to your Order Form.

Step 3: Create the Tracking URL Attribute.

Display Name: Tracking URL
Name: new_trackingurl
Data Type: Single Line of Text
Field Type: Calculated
Format: URL
Maximum Length: 100

Step 4: Click on Edit button next to Calculated.

Set the condition and action to the following:

Condition If Australia Post Tracking Number contains data
Action Set Tracking URL to Concat(“”, Australia Post Tracking Number)

Note: the tracking URL in this instance is “”.  You can substitute this with whatever your postal provider’s tracking URL is.

Then, Save and Close.

Step 5:  Add Tracking URL attribute to your Order Form.


Step 6:  Save and Publish.

Now you can open your Order form and try it out for yourself.  What do you think?  Please feel free to drop a comment below. I’d be keen to see if this little tip has been useful to you.


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