ClickDimensions recently introduced a new feature to their Marketing Automation suite, the ability to create posts on your Facebook Page.  Today I will walk you through how simple it is to schedule and create Facebook Posts directly from Dynamics 365 using ClickDimensions.

Steps to Getting Set Up

  • Install ClickDimensions Solutions package (if not already done)
  • Click Connectors to set up Connector
  • Add new Facebook Connector
  • Accept the T&C’s. Enter your name and Click I Accept.
  • Provide a Connection Name
  • And connect to your FB account
  • Follow the prompts and close the window.
  • Click on Marketing > Social Posts
  • Create a New Social Post
  • Add an Image

  • Select a Facebook Connector (this will tell the system which FB Page to post to)
  • Click the … elipses, and click on Post


The background workflow should then trigger which will perform the posting action to your Facebook page.  It may take 5 minutes or so but it will eventually appear on your page like so:



My Thoughts

I found the implementation of this feature flawless.  It comes with a number of options for scheduling postings ahead of time, and as it has been implemented as a standalone entity (Social Posts) so you can easily incorporate this into a Microsoft Dynamics workflow.  If you have multiple Facebook pages, you can create separate workflows for separate pages.  The flexibility of this feature demonstrates that ClickDimensions is going from strength to strength with their offering.  I’m keen to hear any of your thoughts on this, so please comment or tweet me!