Welcome to my new blog series – D365 V9.0 – Andrew Ly’s – A Feature a Day, as most of you are aware by now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 has been official released to the public. And it is stunning.

So, I’ll be doing a bit of self-discovery over the next few weeks, focusing on some of the items that I’m interested in and sharing my thoughts with you. They’ll be brief but frequent postings, and I’ll try to stick strictly to one feature a day.

Today’s Feature – Label Wrapping

In previous versions of Dynamics, the labels on forms would not wrap properly truncating the label message. I wanted to see if this was fixed in the latest version. The answer is, well sort of.

Test Scenario:

I’ve edited an attribute on the Contact Form. I’ve set the label to: “Preferred Method of Contact (wrap test 1, wrap test 2, wrap test 3, wrap test 4, wrap test 5, wrap t”

And published this configuration.

Screen Clipping

Test Result:

The label displays as three lines with the last being faded out. This might be able to be fixed if we could only adjust the line height, however this option only appears to be available to multiline attributes.

Screen Clipping

Quick Thoughts:

It’s a significant improvement on the previous version, I hope we get the option to stipulate line height for single line attributes in the future to provide maximum flexibility.

If you’re keen on trying this new feature out yourself, head on down to https://trials.dynamics.com/Dynamics365/Signup