Today we continue with the blog series D365 V9.0 – A Feature a Day, and I am enjoying the self-discovery process of all the new improvements that have been made to the V9.0 platform. Today’s feature will be focusing on changes to sub grid controls.

Today’s Feature – Sub Grid Controls

Some interesting changes with Sub Grid controls in V9.0. The new default look and feel of the sub grid controls has been updated to fit into the new design language of Dynamics 365.

  • Configurable Header Colours
  • Borders that define the boundaries of the sub grid controls
  • Same configuration options as previous Dynamics versions (such as data source views, charting options, row span and so forth)

The design feels a lot less cluttered, in particularly with the new borders and whitespace reducing. Here is what the Cases sub-grid on the Contacts form looks like prior to any configuration.

Screen Clipping

Next, we’ll attempt to change the panel colour to demonstrate the effect this new option has on the display of our sub grid.

  • Open Form Designer on your Contact Form
  • Click Set the Properties on your sub grid control.
  • Edit the Panel Header Colour to #0dac2b (green).

Screen Clipping

  • Click OK
  • Click Save
  • Click Publish.

The result should now look like this when you refresh your form:

Screen Clipping

So there you have it, a nice UI enhancement for our sub grid controls, it would be interesting to see whether we have any client side scripting control over the panel colour behaviour. Hopefully we’ll delve further into client side extensions in another blog topic.

Stay tuned for my next blog in the V9.0 series! Until then, thanks for reading.

If you’re keen on trying this new feature out yourself, head on down to