Today we continue with the blog series D365 V9.0 – A Feature a Day, and I am enjoying the self-discovery process of all the new improvements that have been made to the V9.0 platform. Today’s feature will be focusing on Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) Icon Support.

Today’s Feature – SVG Support

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics, you were required to create a separate icon file for different resolutions. For instance, a separate 32×32 pixel icon and a 64×64 icon.

The process of creating two different icon files can be time consuming if you have to update several entities (although there were ISV tools that helped speed up the process, such as Tanguy’s Iconator for XRMToolBox).

With the release of v9, you can now use a single SVG Icon for all your icon sets. SVG files scale according to your desire resolution as it is vector based, so therefore you do not need to render separate files for each resolution.

How do I use them?

  1. First create your new web resource with the type Vector Format.
  2. Go to your desired entity within your solution file, and click Update Icons.
  3. Select your SVG Icon Web Resource for the Web Client.
  4. Select your SVG Icon Web Resource for the Unified Interface.
  5. Publish all Customisations.

Here’s how it looks when rendered on the Customisation window:

Screen Clipping

On the web client:

Final thoughts

While the product development team probably felt that SVG icons was necessary for due to the direction Dynamics 365 is taking with the solutionization route, this level of refinement is what keeps making the Dynamics platform better. It’s a lot of little changes that really make for a very friendly experience for Dynamics specialists in the field.

Stay tuned for my next blog in the V9.0 series! Until then, thanks for reading.

If you’re keen on trying this new feature out yourself, head on down to